Wisdom of the Crowd Gallery

Below is a gallery of the prolific work crafted by chad memer Wisdom of the Crowd. In addition, here's some of the wisdom and perspective that he shared with us:

I want to thank the core team for their tireless efforts in building TEMPLE and the Mystery Enclave, and for their collective spirit that is willing TEMPLE into the prodigious force it’s sure to become. As with all great adventures in life, transformations occur in the early stages of exploring. Memes, in this context, can be viewed as a lens through which we see new lifeforms take shape — an attempt to capture nebulous renderings before they morph into more concrete forms.

Memes are capable of much more than meets the eye: they can invigorate a project, arrest a viewer's attention, and distill complex information into a form that is at once exciting, accessible, and easy to grasp. I’ve dedicated an extensive amount of time to developing and creating these memes, and view them as a body of work that can stimulate others to get their creative juices flowing.

These memes are designed to draw attention to the project, to capture and inspire the community’s imagination, and encourage them to add value. The 600+ memes contributed to the community embodies this same intent.

I aspire for these memes to cultivate a “culture transition,” where they can be compiled and evolved into meta-memes used to communicate with TEMPLE’s future.

Imagine a world in which you are contentedly staking, while tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people are talking about TEMPLE. Can you picture it? I can.

Memes are extraordinary in their capacity to be interpreted differently by each and every viewer. I envisage a world in the not too distant future where the early OGs of TEMPLE thank their lucky stars and diamond hands that they got in early on this immense project.

Metaverse meets blockchain will be a powerful narrative dynamic for 2022, and TEMPLE is in a prime position to assume a powerful leading role. As early pioneers of the global metaverse, and with a war chest of over $160 million, we have given life to a behemoth, and it’s now prime time to carve out our niche in the market."

-- Wisdom of the Crowd