Temple Whispers

Every few days, we aim to share the highlights of some of the things we are working on. This is a log of those updates which can be found in the TempleDAO discord under #announcements.

May 8, 2022 

  • 🔐Core Vaults: The team hit a great milestone recently: On local testnet, we were able to use the dApp to successfully make multiple deposits, make withdraws, and have the vaults render everything correctly. Many things had to come together perfectly to get to this point and it has. And with that, we'd like to announce that we are live on Rinkeby. Formal testing will commence thoon!
  • 🛣️Infrastructure: The team is in the final stretch. End to end testing will begin in the next couple days. 
  • 🎇Nexus: The team is on track to release the interactive Temple experience right before the launch of CORE.
  • 🙏Call to Prayer: The 17th Call to Prayer will take place Sunday, May 8, 2022 5:00 PM. As we get closer to launch, you won't want to miss this one. In addition, if you're unable to attend CTP, the Codex will publish a recap on the session shortly thereafter.
  • 📜Codex: The newest member of the Codex, @Makaveli(boom,boom), has curated a glossary of degen and Temple-specific terms. Check it out!

May 4, 2022 

  • 🔐Core Vaults: Work continues on the front end dApp. Claim and Stake functionality is working in a crude state. We're refining our data model. Contracts have been updated to support time fast forwarding so that we are able to test properly on Rinkeby testnet. 
  • 🥞STAX pre-release: This is all coming together! The team is targeting to deploy to an internal testnet this weekend. 
  • 👛Treasury: The dApp and Dune are now in sync with regards to properly displaying RFV (Risk free value). This means that RFV is lower than previously reported ($1.09). The reasons for this include:

1/ dApp now accounts for more wallets 

2/ dApp had a bug where LP was double counted 

3/ Dune now adds user-supplied LP into circulation 

4/ Dune now accounts for LP% correctly on LP Wallet balance 

  • It's important to note that RFV has not changed due to anything mechanical. It was just misreported before due to the above.

May 1, 2022 

  • 🥞STAX pre-release: Changes on the contract are now ready for testing and pool seeding. The LP page UI is finished. The front-end team has started working on the interactions. Once that is complete, they'll move on to finishing the Profile page.
  • 🛣 Infrastructure: The team is drafting up a guide which details our governance structure and how community members can get involved with TempleDAO.
  • 👛Treasury: A bug on Cointracker that duplicated all DAO reserve FXS has now been resolved. Expenses have been reinstated. Head over to analytics-chamber and checked the pinned messages for more updates.
  • 🐜Bug Bounty: We have launched a bug bounty program with Hats Finance. To read more, check out this medium post.

April 27, 2022 

  • 🥞 STAX pre-release: The team is connecting the UI with the contracts, preparing the FXS conversion for testnet, and working on the FXS LP staking.
  • 🔐Core Vaults: We are able to make deposits and withdrawals to/from vaults programmatically now that subgraphs have been deployed and are working locally. Work on wiring up the front-end continues.
  • 🎇Nexus: The work on the Nexus contracts is in the home stretch. We expect to get it onto testnet in the next week or two.
  • 👛Treasury: Automated updates have resumed via 💰┃updates-treasury. Bob continues upgrading and improving these each week. Head to the analytics-chamber to discuss. As well, today's update from Logic has some great news regarding treasury management, investment strategies, and partnerships. See the full update here.
  • ☀️Logo Refresh: The Enclave of Mystery has been working to refresh the TempleDAO logo for CORE. We are narrowing in on the top contenders. 
  • 🐜Bug Bounty: We are excited to onboard TempleDAO to a bug bounty program to ensure our long term commitment to security and responsible white hat hacker vulnerability disclosures. This includes depositing TEMPLE as part of the bounty rewards program. More details and a medium post coming soon.
  • 📜Codex team: The Codex team publishes CTP recaps as well as many articles about the broader DeFi landscape. They have just published a recent article about Cowswap that you may read here. If would like to join the Codex and write content, reach out to @Doc☀Peppercorn in the codex-chamber to get started

April 22, 2022

  • 🤝 RFV: The team is working on a written statement with regards to the Risk-free Value of $TEMPLE.
  • 🔥 Token Burn: Burn of all $TEMPLE tokens sold into IVSwap has been completed earlier today! You can see the tx hash here:
  • 🔐 Core Vaults: The team has refactored and improved the Metamask integration. The UI is mostly complete, and the work is shifting towards subgraphs and integrating with the contracts.
  • 🥞 STAX Pre-Release: The snapshot proposal to whitelist STAX did not reach quorum, but this is not a show-stopper. For the purposes of this pre-release, the ability to stake FXS is not critical.
  • 🎇 Nexus: The mechanics have been implemented, and the team is now completing the final UI/UX work.
  • 🛣 Infrastructure: The DAO Game core mechanics for contributor compensation via bounties are in place. The team is working on polishing the UX and completing an internal team guide.

As a reminder, we are always open to feedback on how we can continue to improve these updates and transparency at the Temple. ☀

April 18, 2022

Every few days, we will start sharing highlights of some of the significant things we are working on.

  • 🥞 STAX Pre-Release: Progress continues to be made on this all-new portal to the Frax Wars. Homepage and front-end dApp UI design are nearly complete. Smart contract and integration work continues. As of this writing, the FRAX governance proposal to whitelist STAX for veFXS staking has nearly reached quorum (vote now here.
  • 🔐 Core Vaults: Primary design of the front-end dApp UI is complete (did you catch the leaks in the last CTP, anon?), with finer details nearing completion. Back-end accounting implementation is being tested. To dive deeper into Temple CORE, head over to the Codex CTP summary
  • 🎇 Nexus: As referenced in CTP 15, Nexus is the next chapter of the interactive Temple experience. Nexus will allow newer members to join and begin contributing to Enclaves. We’ve got some great new 3D and multimedia content to drop, and back-end contract work is in the finishing stages presently.
  • 👛 Treasury Investment Strategies: TempleDAO is escalating FRAX wars via bribes and is now up to to 3rd place on the FXS Weekly Emissions gauge. Want to get more actively involved in the treasury world? Our treasury team actively reviews community proposals for new vault exposure strategies. If you’d like to dive in, please head over to #members-of-logic or contact a Disciple of Logic.
  • 💰 Treasury: Bobruisk continues to work on automated treasury reports in #💰┃updates-treasury. Recent updates can be found pinned to #analytics-chamber and include veFXS, Treasury HotWallet, and DAO reserve wallet added into expenses and dashboard. See Bobruisk for questions.
  • 🛣 Infrastructure: The DAO Game initiative is a custom built system integrated directly with Discord to improve how we manage projects and compensate contributors. Built in-house, this system is intended to facilitate real-time tracking of contributions with a focus on clearly defined projects and bounties. The peer-to-peer blessing system has been added, and the code is running on the staging server, being tested by the team. The current plan is to roll out as soon as possible within this current epoch. For a recap of the DAO Game, click here

As a reminder, we are always open to feedback on how we can continue to improve these updates and transparency at the Temple. :sunny: