Temple Poker Night!

The game starts on 27/1/22 at 9 p.m. UTC. Book your spot now by joining the discord event by clicking the link in the post!

Temple Island Bois by reejoice


Hosted on: Gather Town
How to book your spot: By joining the Discord Event
Time: Thursday, January 27, 2022 1PM PST/4PM EST/9PM UTC

You've just finished up after a long day praying at the Temple and as you slowly walk along the road you feel a sense of good vibes washing over you. Your nose fills with the scent of pineapple, you start to think about cocktails in the sun and if you listen closely you can hear a soft and distant ‘Islannnd Boii' chant coming from the Temple voice chat. You reach for your keys and realise there's a golden cruise ticket in your pocket and a strange note that's written on the back of a playing card... the note reads....

Dear Templar,

You're cordially invited to the TempleDAO private island for our first ever...


You don't remember how it got there. No one is around. But you know you there's probably going to be Mai Tais and sick vibes there so you don't want to miss it Templar!

Hosted on GatherTown, we have set up our secluded location that's filled with Tikis, Temple lore, Educational Information and of course, Poker Tables! You'll need to make an acoount there to be able to join the game Frens.

With a maximum of 100 players, you must be quick to secure your seat as spots will fill fast. Please express your interest using the event page. There will be a way to claim your Poker Night role soon to secure your spot.

Buy in is FREE and the winners of each table will take home $300 in Temple tokens + a brand new Poker Night King/Queen role (for ultimate bragging rights). If time permits we will have a final playoff for further prizes!

We hope to see you there, glass filled to the brim with Temple Mai Tais and surfboard in hand.