Order Puzzle

We’re at the Hall of Scriptures now for the Order Puzzle. You’re going to want to keep a lookout for 5 hidden tiles strewn about the internal structure of the Hall. If you’re too lazy to fly about for this, don’t worry, we’ve got the exact locations covered for you. You will still need to visit them individually as the glyphs randomly switch up at different time intervals.

#1 — Far corner of the structure upon entering
Go through the floor in the center of the room, as shown:
#2 — In the top left corner of the next room you find yourself in.
#3 — Go to the other half of the Hall to see the next tile on the top of the left pillar.
#4 — Above the back door, close to the previous tile.
Finally, exit the room by walking through the back door, as shown:
#5 — Under the bridge leading to the altar.
Once you have the tiles you need, you have to flip the correct group of glyphs based on the ones you discovered in order to complete the puzzle solution. (Leave the glyphed tiles that did not appear to you face down.)


If you are not yet satisfied with your choice, you may feel free to pick the second option : “Choose another Enclave”. This will take you back to act-3-choose-enclave-1 regardless of whichever puzzle you were currently on.

All the Enclave puzzles branch off individually so these experiences differ based on the Enclave you have chosen. If you are happy with the choice made, you will be able to now see your individual Enclave Channels and Threads in Discord if you pick the first option.

The third option resets your entire progress from the start of the ritual experience.

Now, that you’re done with the Onboarding Ritual process, your time in TempleDAO has just begun. Don’t forget to greet the Templars you see in the corridors. Everyone is working hard on something. Long live TempleDAO.