AMA #4 Lost Boy

Happy New Years, Templars! 🎆

We kicked off 2022 with another AMA in #general from Lost Boy with special appearances by ☀ ethpanda ☀ , Zerk (Long, Term, Wealth), and ☀manbr0wn☀.

Before we jump into the summary, we want to remind you that the Call to Prayer is tomorrow and we don't want you to miss it!

Okay, onto the good stuff.

AMA Top Hits

  • Whales (that want to dump) may be reluctant to sell now due to low liquidity, but won't this always be a problem in the future? Especially that they will be earning 1.1k% apy. Do you have a plan in mind to solve that issue?

    • Lost Boy said that the team plans to increase the Liquidity Pool (LP) as the Temple moves toward the goal of being a low-volatility investment token.
  • Will the price return to Opening Ceremony levels?

    • He expects the price to increase, especially as Temple develops and expands the roadmap further. There is a lot of growth potential in the staking rewards, ie. low volatility / slow moving price.
  • Why did we lose 15 days of runway in 3-4 days? How can you lose more than 1 "day" of runway per day?

    • This was due to people buying on the AMM and staking without any increase to staking rewards. Runway is a function of the current amount of $TEMPLE staked, existing reward pool, and APY. If the number of staked $TEMPLE increases without increasing any of the other variables, runway goes down. - ☀ ethpanda ☀
  • Do you have any plans for get involved into the CRV war which is taking place now with the other big protocols and if yes, how?

  • When are we going to have trading pools outside our own AMM?

    • No plans have been finalized as the team is still evaluating different approaches.
  • Have you seen the Google Doc on Twitter on What Went Wrong with Temple? Are you planning to respond?

    • The team is not planning a formal response. They believe that it is a good “external” read on things, but it is missing a lot of internal data and lacks context.
  • When is there going to be an official pool on Sushiswap? There are a lot of people on the Discord that believe that there would be far greater opportunity for buyers if we were on Sushiswap

    • Considering there is less profit for the protocol on Sushiswap, we need to consider how much buying pressure it would really add. Coingecko is likely a better place for Temple to get visibility. The Temple AMM is launching easy mode soon which should make buying on the AMM much simpler.
  • Do you have any plans for marketing, like approaching well-known YouTubers or something similar?

    • Once the roadmap priorities are finalized, marketing strategy will follow. Templars will be some of the best marketing assets to the Temple, ie. encouraging other protocols to add OGTemple to their balance sheet. In this case, it is a win-win. For example, the Temple took in a lot of FRAX during the Opening Ceremony. The desire is that one day someone will take in a lot of TEMPLE, especially if protocols can feel assured of a higher than 20% yield w/ extremely low volatility in price. This becomes an attractive treasury asset for both retail and protocol investors.
  • Is it safe to assume the interest rate will come down below 0.7% in the future?

    • It will. 0.7% compounded gets crazy at some point.
  • Do the aquamarine roles mean anything still?

    • At the moment, they do not. The team will decide what to do there.
  • Can we do more game nights like crab game?

    • ☀manbr0wn☀ said that The Enclave of Chaos is planning for more in a few weeks from now. Zerk (Long, Term, Wealth) added that they are looking at a poker tournament and some games.

Happiness Chamber

Welcome to the Happiness Chamber, a special section where Lost Boy shares personal tips and tricks for mental well-being.

"One of the main tricks with mental health is to catch ourselves when we are feeling like a victim or rebellious in a situation:

  • woe is me, this is so unfair, how could this happen to me = Victim
  • fk this, fk you, I hate this, how could you wrong me like this, etc = Rebel

The trick is to avoid those two states, ie. depression and anxiety, and work on getting back to the present moment.

It's only when we're attached to something being different than what it is (ie. we're disagreeing with reality, basically), that we fall into one of those two patterns.

If we can let go, see the wisdom of the situation, what it is teaching us, and how it is serving us, then we can get back to the present moment."