AMA #3 Lost Boy

The trend continues! On December 31st, 2021, Lost Boy conducted another AMA in #general. Here's a summary of what was discussed:

The Big Hits

  • With regards to things coming down the pipeline:

    • In the short-term, we can look forward Medium post covering treasury investments and an update regarding the Temple team payments system.

    • In the long-term, the team is working to publish the roadmap, position OG temple as a better reserve asset for protocols than stablecoins, and increase demand for Temple / OG temple. There is also a metaverse project and some next-level DAO improvements.

  • In the next three years, Lost Boy would like to see TempleDao become a market leader in 3 core areas: DeFi, the Metaverse, and DAO. Those are the pillars of TempleDao and the roadmap is focused on pushing the envelope in each of them.

  • When it comes to Tokemak, TempleDao has many votes, so that should be assessed, but it is not at the top of the priority list.

  • There are discussions happening with regards to secondary governance tokens such as FXS, CVX, or CRV, but it comes down to what to prioritize. It also depends on the value proposition Temple takes, ie. having a massive LP and using the treasury for that may be more valuable to the roadmap.

  • There are no current plans for bonding mechanisms like Olympus Pro. There are plans to position OGTemple as the go to investment asset and market that to all DAOs, ie. having people hold OGtemple instead of stablecoins.

  • When asked if there is a price point max, Lost Boy posits that investor growth will happen through yield more so than price appreciation long-term. Short-term price will be more important (like today), but as we scale, volatility reduction is our goal.

  • The incentives to buying $TEMPLE beside the Faith system include long-term yield and price stability. We are not there yet, but that’s the direction. Hold OG Temple, achieve a stable price point, and earn a high yield.

  • When asked, “What are some things you're thinking of for a 10-100x?Lost Boy answered by stating three main points:

    1. "Turning OGTemple into the number one choice for long-term investment asset,
    2. Building our own Metaverse that blows minds,
    3. And becoming the leader in decentralized organizational development."
  • The FXS/FRAX partnership is on track. There are two partnership channels currently with active discussions in them, FRAX is one. Temple is deep in the FRAX ecosystem and that will continue to be the case.

  • The biggest regret from the AMM launch was that too many things were happening simultaneously which led to things being rushed. With more time, perhaps some mistakes could have been caught before launch. Going forward, the team is moving away from deadlines and will be more focused.

  • There's a discussion on removing the exit queue currently in the Enclave of logic, but no decision yet. It is being explored.

  • Lost Boy sees the future of Defi and crypto as becoming more of an ecosystem experience. It is the same reason Telegram was chasing payments in their app, and why FB is also integrating Metaverse with their own blockchain payment system. Temple will expand into the front-lines of decentralized finance as well as the ecosystem aspect of it.

  • TempleDao plans on staying on Ethereum. There are also plans to go multi-chain and it is near the top of the current roadmap draft though the next chain has not yet been decided.

  • Lost Boy’s favorite aspect of Temple, as it relates to the three pillars (Defi, Metaverse, and Dao), would be the people and process side of things. They lean into the "future of work" direction via the DAO a lot.

  • The first thing that will change on the UI is the addition of Simple Mode. There will also be updates to the gamified UI that are simultaneously being worked on.

  • The following question was asked, “Is the treasury deployed to buy CVX and also buy/lock FXS for the upcoming airdrop?

    • "For now we are only farming CVX / CRV, not market buying anything (although we might do it in the future). Same for FXS (although there are some open discussions with the FRAX team.)" -ethpanda
  • From Narile, "How did TempleDAO form, in one of your meditations?"

    • "My esoteric friend... truth is that me and decen did practice vertical meditation techniques and would reference an energetic point 3-6 inches above the head to see what direction we should go. Most of the TempleDAO direction was decided based on the energetic qualities that we experienced." -Lost Boy

Lost Boy Facts

  • Lost Boy never watches Vtubers.
  • Congee = favorite food
  • Tea = favorite beverage
  • Prefers briefs over boxes
  • Prefers houseboats over tree houses, because they are warm to travel.

Lost Boy's Spiritual Guidance for 2022

"One of the most important things I believe is to take time and ask these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • What do I want?

Self-inquiry is where happiness and success is found. It's hard to be successful and happy living someone else's life. You gotta know who you are. That's the way imo. Otherwise you're living a lie."
-Lost Boy

Call to Prayer

  • The first Call to Prayer of 2022 will occur this Sunday, January 2nd. An announcement will be shared soon.