AMA #2 Lost Boy

On December 30, 2021, Lost Boy conducted another AMA in #general, with a special appearance from butlerji. This is a summary of that conversation created by smitchenn. We <3 smitchenn.

  • The Treasury deployment as discussed in this announcement will happen very soon.
  • The policy team and devs are firming up details on FAITH while we wait... patiently we may add.
  • Lost Boy acknowledged there needs to be more communication around the Risk Free Value (RFV) metrics.
  • There are plans for lending/borrowing against OGTEMPLE.
  • Temple is joining the Curve Wars, at least in the short-term. Click here to read more about Curve Wars.
  • Temple will "possibly" accumulate FXS. Deity says token go up.
  • In regards to wen roadmap: "We'll finish the discussions with the team within 2-5 days I feel and then we'll share with community after that. [We are] waiting for product team to firm up the full details of Faith." - Lost Boy
  • Regarding new partnerships, Lost Boy commented that TempleDao is committed to the FRAX ecosystem, so any new partnerships would be in that domain first.
  • An announcement is coming soon regarding APY.
  • Per Lost Boy, "We're going to start going multi-chain," but no decision on which to prioritize as of yet.
  • We are exploring additional DEXs.
  • The following question was asked to butlerji, "Does the TEMPLE AMM have additional security risks due to it being its own AMM and not on Uniswap for example" to which butlerji responsed with,"Nope - it's a Uniswap v2 clone with exactly these additions (you can diff our version with Uniswap to verify): Permissioned swaps and Protocol mints when the price is above a threshold."
  • Two medium posts are coming up, the first will be about Treasury investment and the second will discuss the TempleDAO payment system.
  • People wanted to know about the multi-sig wallet and we learned that the key holders are secret and are spread out across 5 different continents.

Lost Boy had said, "The Unlocking Ends on Jan 3rd So I don't expect there to be significant buy pressure until that ends." The question is: How do we increase buying pressure?

  1. Finish the unlocking period because people don't want to buy while others are unlocking. He expects that there won't be significant buy pressure until the unlocking period ends on Jan. 3.
  2. There needs to be better communication as to what our roadmap is and what our value proposition is going forward.
  3. Team needs to continue to ship innovative and important products on our roadmap.
"Team is good. I was very impressed at how everyone came together and united during the AMM launch. I think a lot of people would bail. TempleDAO became stronger." - Lost Boy
  • Most team members haven't taken much time off for holidays, because they have been constantly building.
  • Shaud☀w is working on getting the correct price to be displayed on CoinGecko / CoinMarketCap.
  • We have a hentai filter.
  • There are plans to open up Enclaves again, but other issues are taking priority right now.
  • No community/token voting. We talk to community and then decide as a team: "we really want to hear you guys, etc, but don't want to make it a public vote thing." - Lost Boy.

Lost Boy Facts

  • It has been confirmed that he likes tomboys and girls with buzzcuts.
  • What's your skin care routine? "Ayurvedic skincare all the way."