Issue #8

Hello Templars!

Welcome to Issue #8 of the Temple Codex: your community driven newsletter, happily returning after a bit of a hiatus!

In this issue, we'll cover the latest on the imminent releases of STAX and CORE and look at Temple's journey since the AMM launch.

Upcoming Releases

A round up of Temple's upcoming releases and partnerships

Bera Chain

Farming FRAX on a new L1. We have been in talks with the Bera Chain team about investing there. Bera's basics are a chain built on Cosmos, with an EVM layer on top. It uses Synapse as a bridging partner for moving assets from other chains.

It will use a unique Proof of Liquidity (PoL) system, where the assets go into a native exchange and provide liquidity to be utilized. The real innovation here is their three token system and emission dynamics.

The three tokens system they will employ will be:

  • HONEY - Native stablecoin
  • BERA - Gas fee token
  • BGT - Governance token

STAX Pre-Release

FRAX/FXS staking platform. STAX will have similar economics to the FRAX gauge, Curve, and Convex ecosystems and will be the best place to earn FXS yields. It will allow users to easily deposit into the TEMPLE/FRAX LP through the app's UI. If we wanted to, we would be able to bring that same technology over to Bera chain so that we'd be able to have STAX on Bera. We're going to have some community discussions about this, just like the last time we made the investment proposal for the Convex.

In closing, we're all pretty excited about this whole thing. STAX, BERA, Vaults. We have always believed in the vision of TempleDao being the place for long-term wealth creation for Templars. We've been through a bit of a price winter, but long-term, we believe the value will be delivered through these vaults and STAX. We think these products are going to give way more than that.

DAO Games

Governance. Temple is working to create a layered organizational structure that allows the best talent to rise from the bottom, take up leadership positions, and have the power to shape the protocol. A new Opening Ceremony and community “blessings” mechanism are being worked on.

Temple Nexus

NFT metaverse passport. Temple will launch an NFT project which will function as a passport. The passport enables access to bonus content, including the 3D temple in the metaverse that we're working on. The idea is to be "evolvable," meaning that you can add new features to it over time, giving you bonus access or new abilities. It will be minted on Arbitrum.

Temple Core

TEMPLE staking vaults. The key milestones for releasing Temple Core have been achieved, including finalizing the mechanism for vault multipliers and finalizing the investment strategies for vaults. Both desktop and mobile builds are now on Rinkeby for testing.