Issue #6

Hello Templars!

Welcome to Issue #6 of the Temple Codex: your community driven newsletter.

Issue 6

Temple Updates

Below is a snapshot of the latest news, updates, and articles that have dropped in the past two weeks. 

Protocol Announcements

  • The deadline to claim FAITH has been extended and you can still claim FAITH at the time of writing this.
  • With LOTs of work taking place in the TEMPLE, DecenMaxi offers Templars his Hot Takes and DAO Updates in #updates-feed. Below are a few highlights (click here to read the full post):
    • Nothing has changed and everything is changing
    • Projects in the works:
      • Faith v1 and v2
      • Improving Investment and Liquidity Deployment strategies
      • Allow Borrowing against $TEMPLE IV
  • On February 7th, In an effort to focus the Temple brand and build off the original mission, Temple identified the need to “massively simplify” its message to define Temple products and improve marketing communications. Read more about it here.
  • On February 8th, DecenMaxi talked about why the price of $TEMPLE is low and what plans the team has to drive the price UP. PLEASE read to learn about Equivalent Farming Amount (EFA)!
  • To stay up to date with all Enclaves and Chambers keep an eye on #updates-feed for notification of posting. Example of Chaos update can be found here.

Temple Codex Posts

  • In part two of our FRAX study posts, we dig into the FRAX wars and how Temple will participate. Here's part one in case you haven't read it yet!

Medium Articles

  • New Partnership with Ondo Finance, and as a result $TEMPLE is now listed on Uniswap V2. An in-depth medium article can be found here and the FRAX/TEMPLE liquidity pool pair on Uniswap can be found here.

CTP Too Long; Didn’t Listen

  • Call to Prayer #12 occurred on Super Bowl Sunday, February 13th at 11:00PM UTC. Notes were published by the Codex. The highlights from this CTP include:
    • Temple Defend finally kicked in, demonstrating the mechanic is functioning as expected.
    • Temple is transitioning to a new rewards model, dubbed Temple EVO. We will be using a revenue sharing model in order to do away with the runway and make the system sustainable.
    • Regarding the runway, once the runway runs out Temple can transition to the new treasury investment revenue sharing model using FAITH. There will be a multiplier bonus in FAITH for those that lock their TEMPLE for longer periods of time.
    • Borrowing against Temple IV value will be shipping soon. The strategy for borrowing against IV is to make the loans liquidation-free. It should work because of the hard floor coded into the Temple Defend mechanic which we have now seen does work.

Enclave Updates

Updates compiled by Cryptoknight that shine a spotlight
on the work that is happening behind the scenes.