Issue #4

Hello Templars! Welcome to Issue #4 of the Temple Codex: your community driven newsletter.

Issue #4


Below is a snapshot from the #updates-feed and #announcements channels over the past two weeks

Protocol Updates

  1. Picking up where Issue #3 left off, let's start with a fresh Medium article explaining the $160M+ Temple Treasury investment on Convex Finance.
  2. Frax voted to invest $2M in TempleDAO with over 99% FXS holders voting to approve. To review, see announcement here.
  3. TempleDAO released a Simplified UI for the AMM. This allows Templars to perform all AMM feature quick and easy.
  4. Lost Boy provided the Temple with an update on the Total Deposits in Convex farm, bring the current total as of Jan 15 to $137.3M. The zapper address to the wallet can be accessed here.
  5. Continuing on, Lost Boy has locked the TempleDAO CVX rewards and we are prepared to vote on the protocol’s next round.
  6. For the FAITHful only, the core team is pushing through final testing and we all pray for a beautiful offering to the proven Templars. To see an estimate of your FAITH airdrop, access the dune dashboard here and enter your wallet address. To see all the conditions that make you eligible for FAITH, see the post from DecenMaxi here.
  7. The snapshot for distributing FAITH was taken on approximately Sunday, January 16, 2022. More details can be found from the #updates-feed post here.

Community Announcements

  1. For those those that attended Call To Prayer #10, you can use the message instructions and link here to collect your POAP!
  2. New Chambers are growing within Enclaves from grassroots efforts around the Temple and will continue to provide new and targeted services to all Templars.
  3. Within Enclave of Logic is the new Temple Mechanics Chamber which was created for the purpose calibrating existing mechanics for sustainability and growth. For other Chambers in Logic, see the full update.
  4. Within Enclave of Structure is the new Discord Bot Chambers and the goal there is to provide the already-dao-leading bot experience to all Templars. Shoutout to the renowned Pocin Master of Chambers.

Call to Prayer

To read the full notes or listen to CTP10, click here.

Did you miss Call to Prayer #10? Don't want to read pages and pages of notes? Well you are in luck. Here is the tl;dr of CTP10.

  • Temple has two main objectives: Treasury growth & Community expansion. The current areas of focus are Mechanics, Treasury, and the Metaverse.
  • Temple Devotion game is coming where Templars will verify your OGTemple to earn Faith.
  • Faith can be earned, spent, but is not transferrable during the Temple Devotion game.
  • Bonus Rewards Pool (Faith) can be seen on the Dune Dashboard along with other insightful analytics.
  • Frax Finance has begun their purchase of $2M $TEMPLE from the AMM. View one of these purchases by clicking here.
  • Frax gauge being setup for LP on Temple AMM. Frax+Temple AMO being developed.
  • Temple veFXS bribing platform is in progress.
  • $TEMPLE is expanding to Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon. The team is working on ZkSync.
  • Dopex partnership being pursued.
  • APY will be lowered in the future due to the low risk of Temple. No specified date on when it will be lowered.
  • Over 50 individuals working on Temple, and the team actively hiring engineers, creatives, and anyone interesting in all things Logic.
  • The team encouraged everyone to visit the Chambers.

Temple Study & Special Editions

Catch up on the Special Editions and Temple Study additions which were released since the last Issue

  1. What is Temple's Risk Free Value?
    An explanation of the Risk Free Value of Temple and how it is different from Intrinsic Value
  2. Temple DAPP intro
    An introductory tutorial for the new simplified Temple DAPP
  3. Codex: A brief history and glimpse into the future
    Where the codex started and where we see it going
  4. Interview: Narile
    Get to know Temple's new Community Communicator
  5. Temple dune dashboards ELI5 pt. 2
    Part 2 of the ELI5 series on Temple's Dune dashboard, this time dealing with AMM Key Metrics
  6. Temple is not a rebase token
    We explain how Temple differs from rebase tokens in philosophy and approach

Temple Watch

The Temple Watch gives updates from industrious Templars from every enclave

Enclave of Chaos

"The past few weeks have been quite large for the Chaos enclave and as we look forward to 2022, we can say we have some big things in store for TempleDAO.

We have restructured the way we operate as an enclave to further improve our output and now have proud ownership over the Marketing Chamber (it’s time to #CauseChaos). We are excited to also partner with other enclaves and teams, including the most recent addition, the Codex Team. The alignment between the two groups will bring incredible optimization in how we communicate and execute on projects moving forward – LFG!

Our other priority is Community engagement so we will be ramping up the events this year starting off with our Private Island Temple Poker Night. We look forward to pushing the boundaries within the metaverse this year with you all....

If you have any suggestions for the Chaos enclave, including event ideas – please reach out to Suss, Alfalfa or ☀jcannon☀".
-- ☀jcannon☀, Initiate

Enclave of Logic

"Very impressed by the resilience and commitment of the Temple investor base. 6800 templars will be receiving Faith rewards. This highlights that vast majority - 78% of all TEMPLE wallets did not sell ANY coins. A lot of work went into making first Faith distribution fair and I am glad to see that we were able to strike the right balance and reward stake n chill investors the most. 90% of all Faith will be going to people who held and bought more. Let’s now move to the next step - Devotion!"
-- Bobruisk, Disciple

Enclave of Mystery

"Lately, I've been working on the never-ending fama adaptation and running some experiments in building a Metaverse lite experience with our amazingly talented codex team. We are testing the waters and scoping some of the work required for taking this to the next level, it has been a very fun and fulfilling experience so far, Ad Maiora! :)"
-- dk_s, Acolyte and Codex Dev

"The enclave of mystery continues to jam away! Through the enclave I’ve had a great time meeting and collaborating with other amazing creatives in crypto. We are continuing to work on community projects, videos, music tracks, 3d assets etc. and have built a library of all the great templar contributions to date. I hope to continue to foster a mystery enclave where people can be inspired by past contributions and be encouraged to share whatever they are working on whether directly temple related or not!"
-- Hanamachi, Disciple

Enclave of Order

"It's kind of unreal how fast the Codex has been growing recently. Just a few short weeks ago we made a mock up pdf doc that everyone complained about not wanting to download (lol), and now look at where we are. The love I and the team have been getting from everyone in the Temple is really humbling. It's more than a cartoon like myself deserves!

'You guys are awesome and we're looking forward to continuing to produce great content for you. If you liked what we did so far...just wait until you see what we've got coming out next!"
BowTiedBart, Acolyte and Codex Chief Editor

The Codex has now moved to a new home over in the Enclave of Chaos! Even though most of our members are from order (as are our hearts), Chaos is definitely the right home for us as we spread the message of the Temple far and wide!
-- The Codex Team

Enclave of Structure

“It’s been a privilege and a true joy contributing alongside such world-class talent, and I can’t wait to help show the world how both the OC and private AMM were really just the beginning.

'I’m also truly stoked to see us lowering the barriers to contribution. Open-sourcing the codebase and creating chambers across enclaves are a big part of this. Any Templar willing to step up and contribute can do so (and get rewarded for it).”
Mirionic, Initiate

“Regardless of the market sentiment, the engineering team is busier than ever building the Temple.

This takes time and is sometimes hard to see with the naked eye, but the bond that has been formed between us during the Opening Ceremony and Temple Gates ritual is a solid foundation for things to come.”
Pocin, Initiate

Poker Night


Hosted on GatherTown, the Enclave of Chaos (with contributions from BowTiedBart, Marshmellowzz, and Fiddlerbee) has set up our secluded location that's filled with Tikis, Temple lore, Educational Information and of course, Poker Tables!

With a maximum of 100 players, Templars must be quick to secure a seat as spots will fill fast.

Buy in is FREE! The winners will face off for Temple prizes and the Poker Night Champion role that brings its own bragging rights.

Full announcement coming soon with more details on the prizes! We hope to see you there, glass filled to the brim with Temple Mai Tais and surfboard in hand. Its time to finally stake and CHILL templar!