Issue #2

🎄Happy Holidays, Templars! We’re excited to bring you our second issue of the Temple Codex, our community driven newsletter that keeps you informed.


Below is a summary of the non-AMM related updates that were shared in the #announcements channel. We summarize the information so you can quickly get up to speed.

  1. !Faith Airdrop: Faith airdrops will occur over the next week to Templars who have shown !faith in one of the four categories. Read more details below. Read More.
  2. Sisyphus Update: Sisyphus returned FRAX from LP, minus his original principal, to the Temple Treasury. Read More.
  3. Updates Feed: To help differentiate between channels, #announcements will be used for major announcements and #updates-feed is for raw & in process updates. Read More.
  4. Active Contracts: All of the active contracts were shared for clarity. Read More.
  5. Temple Lo-Fi Beats Vol 1: The Mystery enclave unleashed their Lo-Fi Temple beats album and a listening party was had by all. Click below to listen and bask in the glory. Listen Here.
  6. Bots & Scammers: On 13/12/21, the Lost Boy impersonator came back but was quickly banned. 18/12/21 Josh BAYC bots hit hard, but we ban harder. Read more.
  7. Meme Contest: GM☀NEY | D☀LUS announced a meme contest to spread chaos across the Twitter sphere. Top 3 winners will receive $500 in $Temple and a rare discord role of Temple Zealot. Check out the 1st place winner here.
  8. Temple Cleric: @TempleCleric bot was developed to help provide quick answers to all that seek wisdom /ask and ye shall be rewarded. Read More.

Medium Post Round Up

Each summary has a link to where you can read the post for yourself. We encourage you to dig into each Medium post to stay informed.

  1. 2.0 Opening Ceremony: Reflections on Opening Ceremony, Fire Ritualist top up, and Gas Refunds for those that are eligible. Read the post.
  2. 2.1 AMM Whitelist: Provides an early timeline for the opening of the Temple gates, including information on RETRIEVAL of the Sacred Key. For further analysis on game theory, read the linked DecenMaxi twitter thread. Read the Post.
  3. 2.2 AMM & Tokenomics: A much needed refresher on Temple economics and enlightenment on Temple AMM designs. Read the Post.
  4. AMM Resumes: An overview and review of the unintentionally created negative feedback loop and the solution the team came up to remedy it. Read the Post.

Temple Watch

Temple Watch gives updates from industrious Templars from every enclave on the latest Temple projects so you can be informed on what the future holds. Hearing about all the great work being done in the enclaves makes us feel more bullish than ever so we wanted to share it with our Temple brethren.

Enclave of Chaos

"Chaos has been working on promotions/advertising, controlling Twitter, possible podcasts, also worked on the TempleDao YouTube video recently released and managing the TempleDao YouTube. Also, most chaos disciples are taking time to manage and enjoy voice call which is important for clear communication and addressing any questions.

- | Nik☀la | 芭比娃娃 | Raccoon, Disciple

"I'm handling the onboarding of new investors as well as defending the Temple Grounds from FUD and heresy. Things are shaky and people are on edge so I'm hard at work creating new memes and content to help alleviate the situation and provide comic relief to those who are otherwise nervous and on edge at this time."

- NickyVissicky, Chaos Warlord, Member

Enclave of Structure

"I feel amazed by the way that the artwork from @saso and @Myst (PixelTemple) came together to create an immersive UI experience. Though we have a long way to go to optimize the user experience, I'm stoked about the essence we re cultivating. We re open to feedback and are roadmapping ways to make the UI continually better. Shoutout to @Blytzd and @Lux who are already hopping on the train to get assets for UI improvements."

- Leela-Elektra, Disciple

"Being part of the team for the AMM was quite an intense experience due to there being a lot that needed to be done and not that many contributors. I think everyone overdid themselves and its exceedingly rare to be able to gather and work with such a dedicated group. While it was a pleasure to be part of this task force the future of Structure lies in opening up the gates and allowing us to onboard more contributors to work on the DAO. Things are starting to move in that direction."

- Zelki, Disciple

Enclave of Mystery

Mystery has created music for the AMM which is now live on the site. We are also working on a guide and an optional/simplified UI

- Buf☀rd, Disciple

The Enclave of Mystery worked collaboratively on a video that showcases the entering of the Temple. The vibes are STRONG so click here to bask in the glory of it. 

Enclave of Logic

Currently Logic has been working with taking audit forward, updating gitbook, focusing on the AMM, exit queue & liquidity and different kind of scenarios. Getting treasury to work is on top of our priority list.

 - Lasso, Disciple

It’s been a hectic few weeks. On the logic side we’ve been helping finalize the mechanics and fixing last-minute issues. For the next few weeks our priorities are updating the gitbook, brainstorming new ways to invest the treasury, and finalizing the FAITH mechanics.

 - Bull, Disciple

Enclave of Order

Currently the Temple is working to get the Faith system done, reduce the exit queue problem and increase buying pressure. There is also a plan for temple merch but currently this stuff above is more important.

 - Schwubdiwub, Initiate

The Codex team are working on a fully functional website to publish to. We envision it to be a gathering place of sorts where information is gathered and which spurs on new ideas and innovations. Much more info will be released before Issue #3!

 - The Codex Team


Outlined below is a chronology of events leading up to and after the release of the Temple custom AMM. Dates denoted in UTC.