Issue #1

Welcome to the TEMPLE CODEX: A community driven newsletter to keep you informed.

What is the Temple Codex?

We're glad you asked...

Written by Templars for Templars, The Temple Codex is a community driven newsletter that will break down the important Temple updates you need to know to stay informed.

This first issue is about the recent goings on in the Temple since the Opening Ceremony. Issue #2 will come out after the AMM launches so we expect it to be 🔥

Things are about to get wild in the Temple, lots of people are going to want about what we're doing, we're looking for new correspondents so if you want to be a part of our news team drop us a message in the enclave of Order!


Below is a summary of the updates that were shared in the #announcements channel over the past two weeks. We summarize the information so you can quickly get up to speed.

  1. Audit Vote: Our prayers were answered: Lost Boy granted Templars the opportunity to vote for the firm of our choosing to grace our code. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic. Read More
  2. Addressing FUD: Much FUD was being spread throughout the discord due to a lack of visibility from our Temple Masters. Templars! Fear not for the Enclaves are hard at work behind the scenes, prepping for the next release. All those who are able should attend CTP8 for more information and to ask questions. Watch out for new Medium articles dropping soon. Read More
  3. After Party Game Night: Did you think you missed the OC After Party? Guess again! GM☀NEY|D☀LUS announced a Temple first: A Community Driven Game Night! Read More.
  4. Game Night Update: A Templar on his first day in the temple took the grand prize. 2nd place went to a Chaos Chad, and 3rd place went to a Member of Logic.
  5. Alfa Begins: Lost Boy announced the Agenda for CTP8: out of the shadows, AMM Updates, Following up on Promises, DAO development, AMA, Game Night. Read More.
  6. Bots: On 12/5/21, Temple discord went a little crazy. Bot links were everywhere. Mods were scrambling to delete the bad posts. FWIW: never share your seed phrase and be wary of almost all links DM’d, emailed, or shared. Read More
  7. Hiring: As discussed in CTP8, Temple compensates based on the value of contribution. We’re hiring 2-3 senior Solidity Devs. DM resumes to Lost Boy if you’re interested. Read More.

Call to Prayer 8

Top Hits

Next Call to Prayer will occur on Sunday, December 19th, 2021.

Below you will find a recap of the CTP8 Discussion. All of the CTP sessions are recorded and uploaded to the TempleDao Soundcloud. To listen to CTP8, click here.

Following through on promises:

  • Templars who burned gas on failed transactions will be refunded
  • Some Team members bought in late because in the early stages of the OC they prioritized helping other Templars buy at the best possible price for the greater good. They will be reimbursed for this.
  • Some folks bought more than the intended limit/day during OC and have been given a choice to fix the situation and restore fairness.

DAO Development

  • Templars will be compensated at the end of time frames called Epochs. In the first Epoch which lasted 6 months, the team experimented with using Co-ordinape to assign part of the compensation, which is a system where Templars vote to assign points to each other based on the level of their contributions to the Temple. The next Epoch will be shorter.
  • Temple is shaping up to be one of the highest paying DAOs in crypto. We believe that people should be rewarded for the work that they put in, and so we choose to reward handsomely to attract the best talent and invest in our community.
  • We were teased with a New Temple mechanic called “Faith”, a revolutionary system to reward Templars for behavior which benefits the value of the $Temple token.
  • And yes, AMM will be launched before the next ritual.

More notes from CTP8 can be found here. Shout out to @0xwillo for compiling the notes.

Temple Watch

Temple Watch gives updates from industrious Templars from every enclave on the latest Temple projects so you can be informed on what the future holds. Hearing about all the great work being done in the enclaves makes us feel more bullish than ever so we wanted to share it with our Temple brethren.

Enclave of Mystery

Buford, Disciple of Mystery, spoke with us about what they have cooking up:

“A group of us have created a Temple lofi mix with 11 songs and accompanying video, will be released soon. Another group is working on an OC video montage with narration and music. And yet another group is working on some multimedia for the Temple Canon.”

While we live in anticipation of these Mysterious projects, we will survive by consuming their extensive meme collection. A special shout out to the legendary meme machine Wisdom of the Crowd!

Enclave of Logic

At Logic, they are busy Exploring the Pumpamentals (s/o to Bull, Disciple of Logic), hurting our small brains with that TempleDao Math Basics (s/o to George Washington (web) III, Disciple of Logic), and furiously clicking their abacuses to put together the financial strategy for the future.

Enclave of Chaos

Upon entering the Chaos Enclave, we immediately understood that their processes are not those of mere mortals. It was a sea of mayhem. When the Temple finally unleashes them on the outside world, we feel sorry for anyone in their way.

One member of Chaos, HeadofTimHorton☀, did take the time to tell us that he has been building a birdhouse, which he may someday paint red. Exciting. We hope our readers will all DM him ASAP to see how it’s coming along.

Enclave of Structure

Leela-elektra, Disciple of Structure, graced us with the knowledge of what the Structure engine room has been working on:

“We're hard at work, primarily focused on:

1. Creating an inviting open source environment which includes, Open source github environment, Notion documentation for how our Enclave works;

2. Developing and delivering on important infrastructure initiatives and preparing for R2

  • building a mechanism to Claim Temple (will be used for all those getting paid out for R1)
  • sexy UI/UX for the Dapp
  • solid backend for the Dapp
  • continuing improvement of systems

We invite anyone to fill out our Structure skillset submission. Specifically, we're looking for a couple more Solidity devs!”

If you want to see something to make you feel bullish, go check out your $Temple balance using this tool that Disciple of Structure Scooprinder put together, then head over to the #Members-of-Structure channel and submit your skillset on the form pinned in the channel to join the action.

Enclave of Order

Finally we have Order! Our most recent project is this newsletter you’re reading. We’re looking to beef up future editions, so stop by the Enclave if you have an idea or feedback for the newsletter, and who knows….maybe you’ll become an official Codex Correspondent.