We've been compiling a glossary of common terms and acronyms commonly used in DeFi and Web3. If there is a term you would like us to add, let us know in #codex-chamber in the TempleDAO discord.


Alfa / Alpha πŸ…°οΈ

Brand new or secret information that isn't known to the wider community yet

Ape πŸ’

Diving into a project without any research beforehand

Airdrop πŸ’§

Free token or NFT distribution for specific holders


"All Time High". Commonly used to refer to the price action of a token being the highest it's ever been.


"All Time Low". Commonly used to refer to the price action of a token being the lowest it's ever been.

Bag πŸ’°

The NFTs/tokens you hold


"Buy The F***ing Dip". A call to action to buy a token when the price is considered undervalued

Chad πŸ’ͺ

A compliment. A male of high desirabilityand sexual energy (due to his crypto accomplishments)

Copium 🀞

Convincing yourself you made the right choice or that the situation is not as bad as it seems. A coping mechanism

CT 🐦

"Crypto Twitter". In reference to the Twitter community who are into Crypto

Degen πŸ€‘

Short for "degenerate". A person who jumps into protocols without having prior financial knowledge or doing any research.

Diamond hand πŸ’ŽπŸ€š

Someone who hodls their bags forever (positive)


Do your own research

Floor sweep 🧹🧹

Someone who buys many NFT's for the lowest price listed.


Fear of missing out, not having large TEMPLE bags

Fork πŸ”±

A copy of a coin or token's backend code to make a whole new protocol

Fren πŸ‘₯


FCFS πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

First come first serve


Fear uncertainty doubt - e.g. fudding temple so you can buy more at 0.65c

Future of France πŸ’Έ

Future of Finance

GM πŸ₯±

Good Morning

GN 😴

Good Night

Hodl πŸ™†

Hold on for dear life (not selling even death occurs)

Hopium πŸ‡

Selling dreams. A strong belief in a positive outcome

IDK πŸ€·β€β™‚β€

I don’t know

IIRC INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

if i recall correctly


In real life.

Inb4 πŸ‘ˆ

β€œIn before”, rhetorical comment to your own post, posting the expected reply.

Innit ❔

Isn’t it?


If you know, you know.

Kek 🀣

LoL but in korean

Lambo 🏎️

People's aim when investing in crypto with a small bag.


Let's fucking go

LP πŸ’¦

Liquidity Provider. 

Looks rare πŸ‘€

It looks rare and therefore valuable. A compliment for an NFT

McDonalds 🍟

Our backup career plan if the NGMI scenario comes true. "Sold a Fidenza for 5ETH. Applying now to McDonald's".

Money lego 

Defi protocols that complete and uses each other to generate more money for their treasury. For example, a protocol gives a sustainable yield, another one gets collateral from that and uses it for high risk/high rewards plays

Moon πŸŒ‘

Prices rising far above expectations


Not gonna lie

NGMI πŸ€¦β€β™€β€

Not gonna make it


A Noob/newbie. Has never been rugged and doesn't own anything rare

NFA πŸ™…

Not financial advice. Usually said before someone gives financial advice

OG πŸ₯‡

Original Gangsta. Someone who was in the early days of crypto and knows the game well. Alternatively for weed it refers to strands that are ocean grown

Paperhands πŸ“ƒπŸ€š

Someone who sells a project at the smallest sign of trouble (negative).

PermaFrancebull πŸ’Ή

Price is just going up


Profile picture

Plankton 🦠

A person with an extremely small position in a coin or token

Ponzi πŸ’

A scheme that only benefits early investors, everyone else after them gets dumped on as they take profits


A cuter way of saying ponzi

Probably nothing 🀫

β€œprobably something important- pay attention!”

Psyops πŸ€”πŸ’­

Psychological operations. Manipulating the masses to achieve your goals

P2E 🎰

Play to earn.

Rekt 😣

β€œWrecked” losing money in some way.

Right-click save as πŸ’Ύ

NFT humor. Copying a picture to your desktop does not mean ownership. It needs to be verified on the CHAIN!

Rug pull πŸ‘Ž

When the founders of a project take the funds and disappear. Not the TEMPLE way. πŸ™‚

Satoshi βž—

Smallest fraction of a bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC)

SC πŸ“ƒ

Smart Contract. A program that allows for transactions to be executed on the blockchain.

Seems Legit INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

Seems for real

Ser πŸ‘¨


Shill 🀑

Obnoxiously marketing your project in other discord servers

Stable coin πŸ’²

A token with a peg set to the value of a fiat currency, commonly USD

Shitcoin πŸ’©

a poorly rated or useless coin/ token

Shrimp 🦐

A person with a small position in a coin or token

Stake πŸ₯©

The act of committing your crypto assets in support of a protocol with the promise of rewards.

Szn πŸƒ


Tank πŸ’£

To "tank" or to "bomb" commonly refers to the price action of a coin or token dropping massively in a short span of time. 

This is the GWEI βž—

A play on "this is the way." Gwei = Giga Wei ( 1 eth = 1,000,000,000 gwei). A commonly used denomination of Ethereum when making transactions.

This is the way! πŸ‘‰

You're doing it right

Top Kek πŸ˜‚

LOL. Acknowledgement that the post was really funny

Up only πŸ†™

Price will appreciate over time


We are gonna make it/We all gonna make it.

WEI βž—

smallest unit of ethereum (1 eth = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 wei)

Wen moon πŸŒ•

When are we getting rich.

Whale 🐳

Someone who owns a large share of a given project

Valhalla πŸ‘Ό



Acolytes INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

TempleDAO members have many different skills or expertise from a wide range of areas.

Boom Boom πŸ’£

Response given in place of writing something bullish, origin: Lost Boy

C’est Bonbon πŸ‘Œ

Everything is ok.

Chambers INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

Chambers act as functional units of the organisation. You should think of Chambers like project teams, where the team lead is the MC and members are the contributors.

Disciples INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

Disciples are proven, highly valuable contributors to Temple projects and chambers.


The amount in dollar$ of assets that are being used to farm/generate cash for each circulating temple


Enclaves are the social structure via which the Temple will be managed. Each Enclave will uphold certain principles and manage different areas of the Temple.

Exit liquidity INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

Dumping entire TEMPLE to the defend contract.


Reward from investments for those that truly deserve it

Feet pics πŸ¦ΆπŸ“Έ

A requirement for any requests, also a rewarding mechanism, A JOKE!

Fire Ritualist πŸ”₯

Early believers in TempleDAO


A fractionally-backed algorithmic stable coin that we love!

Fully Diluted Supply

The value per TEMPLE if all future tokens had been minted

Fud Warlords πŸ‘Ή

Someone that’s fighting with the fud alongside the TEMPLE team, shout out to Nicky Wissicky, DegenArtMiami and other Fud Warlords


A frax token to distribute boosted gauge rewards

Guardians INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

Ready to protect the Temple discord against FUD and answer every question coming from all Templars. Guardians are community members who serve as Mods in the text/voice channels.

Initiates INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

Initiates are primarily project managers who are responsible for delivering a work product or achieving a goal.


"Intrinsic Value". Floor price for TEMPLE. It can increase with the growth of the treasury.


A token to receive after staking $TEMPLE-$FRAX to STAX Liquidity

Masters INTSL_strawhat_Pepe

Masters are responsible for the overall vision and operations of TempleDAO.

OG Temple

Staked TEMPLE tokens, accumulate yield over time through an increasing ratio of OGTEMPLE/TEMPLE.

Opening Ceremony (OC) 

Puzzles to be solved prior to being accepted into the TEMPLEDAO fold. (Also a mechanism to prevent bot attacks)


The value per TEMPLE token of all assets in the Temple treasury. For more about TempleDAO's RFV perspective, check the article below.

TempleDAO RFV Article.


The protocol's token

Temple CORE πŸ”

Temple's pivot to a revenue sharing model from our treasury investments


The home for stake and chill. We are a DAO but not a typical one. We reward the Faithful

Temple Defend 

The price cannot go lower than 0.65c. This floor will increase over time


Liquidity pool to stake $TEMPLE and $FRAX to earn boosted FRAX rewards.


A token to receive after staking LP to STAX