Get To Know Me - Mirionic

☀Mirionic☀ is a member of the Structure enclave who rose up the ranks organically and has held every role in the DAO from Templar - Guardian - Disciple - Initiate, and finally to the well-deserved role of Master of Structure alongside ButlerJi.

He's been a linchpin within the Temple team, bringing not only his proficient technical skillset to the table, but also his legendary work ethic, managerial capabilities, and team-oriented mentality. He led several major initiatives in Temple in the role of project manager including building parts of the AMM, and the development of STAX, which he and the team built entirely from the ground up. Not to mention, he’s just an all-around great dude; a true fren in the Temple.

We sat down with the man himself to see what makes him tick.

Tell us about your PFP or your discord name.

For the uninitiated (no pun intended), my pfp is a bootleg version of Mirio Togata (better known as Lemillion) from Boku No Hero Academia, which as you can guess ties in with my discord name. In BNHA, Mirio is a major side character who is best known for always being optimistic and smiling, on top of having a lot of determination and discipline. Those are all traits that I wanted to try my best to emulate when I created this alt.


When and why did you first decide to get involved in crypto?

Not sure I’ve ever told anyone the true story, but 6-7 years ago whilst still in my pursuit to look like an irl anime character I was quite the bodybuilding fanatic. One of my online suppliers of trenbologna sandwiches started offering a 10% discount for purchases with BTC and I figured it was worth looking into. Not too long afterwards I started going down the Ethereum rabbit hole, started a Web3 company (recently exited) and also quit bodybuilding to focus more on my mental health (suffice to say I no longer look like an anime character lol).


How did you start getting involved with TempleDAO?

I had been following Temple from afar for about a month by the time the OC started, but I was too burned out to figure out all the pussles until a friend of mine gave me his invitee allocation. Funnily enough, after getting a bit of skin in the game it felt easier to get into it and I completed the OC. I thoroughly loved the concept and the vibes in Discord so I started helping out wherever I could. This resulted in joining the Temple Watch (now called Guardians) after a week or so to help moderate a few channels and since I was most active in #members-of-structure I started helping to on-board engineering talent to build out the AMM. That got me the role of Disciple and after PMing several parts of the AMM launch I was asked in January if I would accept becoming an Initiate and help steer Structure a bit. I gladly accepted and not too long afterwards started working on STAX also.

What is your role in TempleDAO and how do you see your role evolving?

Aside from PMing STAX and helping with the organizational side of things I see my main responsibility as making sure everything within Structure is on track and the devs have everything they need to thrive while allowing Butlerj to focus fully on the technical vision.

In any organization concerning itself with technical development there comes a point in scaling where it becomes sub-optimal for the technical founder to also manage the entire dev team, as this becomes a day job in and of itself. Since Temple had to scale so rapidly within such a short time-frame, this threshold was quickly met.

What was the most difficult decision you have had to make while at TempleDAO or outside?

Not the most difficult decision I’ve had to make, but for the sake of not doxxing myself a close second one would be that early in running my company I was forced to fire one of my best friends because we couldn’t justify the expense anymore. We’re still friends to this day and it opened up new doors for him, but it was incredibly difficult at the time.

We have come a long way with many successes and hiccups, what makes you still believe in TEMPLE?

The team, for sure.

What is the one thing you are most excited about in TempleDAO’s future?

I’m biased of course, but: STAX v1.

Where will TempleDAO be in the next bull cycle?

Unbothered. Moisturized. Happy. In Our Lane. Focused. Flourishing.


What project do you think will be the next big thing (industry disruptor)?

Maybe BeraChain if it were to actually exist.

What’s your favourite project outside TempleDAO?

I’m a big fan of all of the L2s (despite mainnet being so cheap right now lol). Would probably be a toss-up between Aztec and ZkSync at this point.

What was your worst investment to date?

I’ve complained about the price action of this one so much for the past four years that I can’t even name it without doxxing.

What’s your favourite project outside TempleDAO?

Becoming the single most comfy place to stake and chill


Favourite Movie?

Raiders of the Lost Ark

What book influenced you the most?

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Favorite way to spend a day off? Holidays?

Skateboarding, Surfing, Traveling, Exploring, Shitposting

What is the hill you will die on?

We reach our ceiling once we stop listening to those we disagree with; some reach it sooner than others.


What is your message to the believers of TempleDAO who stuck by?

You rock <3

What is your message to non-believers who left or have yet to be convinced to join?

You still rock but with slightly lower risk-adjusted yield <3