Get To Know Me - Bobruisk

Bobruisk is an Initiate of Logic. He got the team’s attention early on by creating the financial reporting system that Temple uses through Dune and other tools. Bobruisk now plays a pivotal role in managing the TEMPLE treasury and very regularly lays down truth bombs both in #general and in team chats. He has become widely respected among the team for his honest and often challenging opinions.

We have been trying to score an interview with the one true Bob for the longest time, and after months and months of persistence, we managed to pin the great man down! It took the better part of 24 hours locked in a room with Bob but we finally have the essence of what makes him tick.

The mystery behind the man can finally be unveiled.

This heartfelt and vulnerable moment that we captured was almost too much alpha to share…

It was a real eye-opener for us and we know it will be for you too. So Set aside some time in your busy schedule today and watch us pick the brain of Bobruisk. 😛

Tell us about your PFP or your discord name.

I use plain #dac5aa as my PFP.


When and what made you first decide to get involved in crypto?

Helium is what got me really interested.

What person in crypto do you take the most inspiration from?

Still getting to know people - so many smart folks around.


How did you first hear about TEMPLE?


What is your role in TEMPLE and how do you see your role evolving?

Helping out with analytics and tokenomics.

What made you decide to become involved with TEMPLE in the first place?

Team’s passion.

What was the most difficult decision you have had to make while at TEMPLE or outside?

Staking TEMPLE when everything else is on sale.

We have come a long way with many successes and hiccups, what makes you still believe in TEMPLE?


What is the one thing you would do over in TEMPLE?

AMM unlocks.

Where will TEMPLE be in 10 years time?

This team will surely ship amazing products.


What project do you think will be the next big thing (industry disruptor)?

I’d like to believe that metaverse will come to shape.

What’s your favourite project outside TEMPLE?


What was your worst investment to date?

SDOG - I was 27 seconds too late.

What is your vision for TEMPLE's future?

I like the metaverse play.


Favorite movie?

Fifth Element.

What book influenced you the most?

Programming for MS DOS :)

Favorite way to spend a day off? Holidays?

On the water.

What is the hill you will die on?

I keep my mind open :)


What is your message to the believers of TEMPLE who stuck by?

Community is what will make us succeed and we got an amazing one.

What is your message to non-believers who left or have yet to be convinced to join?

Pay attention.