Enclave Updates #1

Editor's Note: Fantastic work done by Cryptoknight in compiling these updates, we appreciate all the hard work he does for the Temple! The plan right now is to release these Enclave Updates every 2 weeks.

The TempleDAO community is stronger than ever and we want people to see how hard everyone has been working behind the scenes, and hopefully these updates will serve that purpose.

Enclave Updates

In the Temple, the Team are the bricks and the community are the mortar. The masters created the foundational philosophy, fundamental mechanics and structure, and the community is what gives the Temple its life. These serve as 2 pillars which draw strength from each other. One without the other wouldn't last, but together they support a monumental structure that will stand the test of time.  

☀alfalfa☀(boom, boom) - Initiate of Chaos

Members of Chaos, time for an update from the Enclave of Chaos #NotJustMemes

What has happened recently?

Marketing: Over the last few weeks we hope you’ve noticed an increased and higher quality presence on social media. Temple was mentioned by a large number of influencers, totally organically as a result

There was a period where things slowed down while we awaited clarity on direction. But every day now gets clearer and clearer so we’re ramping up again

Codex: We also hope you’ve noticed Temple Codex - a community initiative that’s grown into something highly useful, exciting and complimentary to marketing. The beauty and power they have is that they can tackle things freely from a different perspective

To get to know some of your fellow Templars check out the first release of a new podcast series hosted by Connectrix. The interview with first guest Doc☀Peppercorn (Disciple of Order) dives into how they discovered TempleDAO, what this community means to them and what it is like to work for the DAO. Highly recommend!

Catch up on some of the other work they have been doing at The Temple Codex and follow them on Twitter. Seriously - You won’t be disappointed

Community: Poker night was also great fun and good vibes. Temple Island was something quite special. Congratulations to the overall winner ☀Mr.Fujisawa!

Big shout to ☀jcannon☀ (kookaburra,spider) for driving it and special thanks to Zerk (Long, Term, Wealth), BowTiedBart, Marshmellowzz, reejoice (cartoon promo), Cryptoknight & Shaud☀w for all the effort with set-up and making sure the event ran smoothly

More community events are in the works — stay tuned, we’re gonna have a blast

What are we doing now?

Marketing: Expect high production alpha drops, informative tweet threads, engaging content and seeing more $TEMPLE on your timeline. Planning ahead and collaborating strongly with Mystery allows us to drop hype videos with certain content. Exciting stuff in the works.

Codex: These guys never sleep. They’re cooking up all sorts of wizardry 24/7 and their chamber is open for all to view if you want to catch up on the latest there.

Expect new pieces of content to come out over the next couple of days, and new issues of the Codex Newsletter will come out on a regular schedule every two weeks.

A community jam has spun up a text adventure game that everyone is excited to see. They hope to have it done in 1-2 weeks. More information on this game soon!

If you ever have an idea for a post or want to contribute head over to the codex-chamber and Doc☀Peppercorn (boom,boom) will point you in the right direction.

Community: More fun, more vibes, and maybe another game night at some point… throw suggestions at ☀jcannon☀ (kookaburra,spider) or Zerk (Long, Term, Wealth). We are very open to feedback and involvement. To express your interest get active in the enclaves and fill in the Chaos Enclave Skillset form. If you have ideas or constructive criticism don’t be shy.

Lux - Master of Mystery

Hello frens! We will periodically update you on all the cool & interesting public projects that Mystery Enclave is working on. Any of these projects are open for anyone to contribute to, come find us in the Threads inside of Mystery. Just click on the Thread # icon toward the upper right of your screen (Desktop version of Discord).

Current Enclave of Mystery Projects:

1. Mystery kings and queens are produced some Discord icons for the roles by rank and enclave. We're used the same image per each main role, and then color coded by enclave.

Some early iterations are below:

  1. Mystery Acolyte Alltheway08 (☀,☀) (Boom, Boom) dreamt up a series of esoteric documents with Temple Lore (yes he was high as a kite), the "Fama Fraternitatis".

Read the full story on twitter.

This document inspired other Mystics, and we're now experimenting with different methods of displaying or reading out this document in a video. If you're talented with 3D animation, or you're a Blender Mage, please join in!


Two notable recent projects that have been helped/kickstarted by Mystery are:

  1. The Simple-Mode AMM. The UI layout for this was originally created by Mystery Acolyte ☀sisu☀ emptywithoutimpulsion.jpg, and then turned into a full-fledged project in coordination with Structure. Finally, the "Where's the BUY button" memes can mercifully end.
  1. The soundscape for the Temple AMM was another Mystery heroic effort (in 2 days!). The Enter the Temple collection of ambient sounds created was with different specific moods for each of the main rooms inside the metaverse Temple. The heroes we don't deserve are Buf☀rd and sentinelle and DISCIPLE OF BEANIS. If I forgot to mention someone, blame Sifuthia ☀


Those of you who have been around since the beginning know about "The Deserving". That was a daily highlight (authored by yours truly) of the top 2 - 3 Templars who made amazing offerings to TempleDAO. These artists were rewarded with incense--aka access to the Fire Ritual Presale. The more amazing the artistic offerings, the more it attracted talented artists to show how they felt about TempleDAO

We would like to recreate that personal connection by highlighting new Enclave members who have made notable contributions, or have demonstrated energy and enthusiasm beyond expectations. If you haven't been nominated yet, please send complaints to Sifuthia ☀.

Mystery Members Spotlight

These Mystery Acolytes have been producing amazing work recently, and we like them a lot and want to make them feel soooper special

dk_s has been a key contributor to the success of Temple Codex, and is working on the Fama Fraternitatis book adaptation. He has a wide range of talents; both skills in Digital 3D Modeling & Web Development, and irl skills in 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Arduino's, Raspi, IoT things and Laser Cutting.

Dysto☀ joins us as a professional musician and music producer, specializing in Rap/Trap, TV/Cinema spots, and Pop/Cinematic tracks. He has been full of energy and contributing audio tracks to our projects. Check out his recent work in the Contribution Archive. He is truly the audio version of Wisdom Of The Crowd

☀0xUptake☀ is an unofficial video editor for Mystery and sprinkled his magic on many Mystery projects! As a Trailer Editor by vocation, he has been extremely helpful with skills in video editing, storytelling, campaign writing, sound design and motion graphics. He has worked on sound design for the "Enter The Temple" montage and editing for the "Sacred Gates" Temple AMM opener video, and will edit for the upcoming "Fama Fraternitatis" video.

That's all for now! If you have any ideas for projects, or want to contribute to current projects, come chat with us in members-of-mystery or hop into the thread that interests you!

Special thanks to Sifuthia ☀ for writing up these updates and letting me post them in the updates-mystery channel!

☀ ethpanda ☀ - Initiate of Logic

Members of Logic - Time for an update from the Enclave of Logic. We will be doing these more frequently to keep people in the loop on what is going on.

What has happened recently?

💸We have invested the majority of our Treasury in the Frax3CRV pool on Convex to generate yield. We also started locking some CVX for bribe eligibility and staked CRV in the cvxCRV/CRV pool on Convex to compound some of that yield. We are working on standardizing the investment process and having a proper framework for new opportunities. You can track the farming wallet here

📏We have finalized the rules and data for the FAITH airdrop and worked on defining the Temple Devotion tokenomics.

What are we doing now?

📊 We are focusing on market positioning, simplifying the value proposition and redesigning the overall tokenomics towards a sustainable model that benefits Temple holders.

🧭 We are working on a public Temple Roadmap that will be shared with the community very soon, outlining our vision for the future, the initiatives we will be working on and tentative deadlines / estimates for when the work will be completed.

📄 We are also updating the Gitbook to more accurately reflect the state of the Protocol today and we will continue to do so as we release more details.

🤝 We are in talks with multiple partners either to facilitate onboarding for new buyers (new public AMM pool facilitated by Ondo), to generate more revenue streams for Temple holders (working with FRAX to setup a Temple gauge, exploring with partners the possibility of setting up Option vaults for Temple…) or to build new features that benefit the Temple ecosystem (liquidation-free loans powered by partners, incentive platform centered on the Frax ecosystem…) These discussions take time but we are really excited about some of the opportunities here and we will be sharing more as we start executing on this front.

If you are interested in this work, have a question, suggestion, or want to contribute, please drop by the members-of-logic channel in discord!

☀mirionic☀ - Initiate of Structure

Hey Members of Structure, I've got some updates for you!

What has happened recently?

  1. We are currently busy finalising the release of the FAITH claim and Devotion through testing and iteration. The more eyes the better, so if you want to help us test Devotion, tag me in members-of-structure!

  2. Work is being done to reopen a ceremony which will allow new templars to join an enclave

  3. The dev-ops-chamber in discord will be open-sourcing the codebase after Devotion is out. Once all work for Devotion is done, the last repo will be cut over into the monorepo and be open-sourced (I'm personally excited about this one because it'll lower the barrier to contribution tremendously).

  4. Research and development into a new Zap ⚡️ feature that allows anyone to go from $token to $OGT in one tx, making it easier for anyone to buy and stake $TEMPLE.

  5. Research and development into cross-chain and L2 deployments

  6. Cranking away on updates to the Simple UI. Upcoming release will include a way to participate in Devotion, claim your OGT and FAITH, as well as a profile view.

  7. Working to launch a new discord bot that will enable easy visibility in real-time on key metrics like price. If working on bots interests you, head on over to discord-bot-chamber!

Lastly frens, expect to see updates here more frequently, even small ones. I've had some fellow Guardians kick my arse about it, and they were right to do so. Especially once the codebase has been open-sourced, expect me to hound everyone to start taking a look and contribute

In the meantime, if you are keen to contribute on anything technical, please do tag me in members-of-structure and fill out the Structure Skillset form.

That's all for now!

Shaud☀w - Initiate of Order

Hey Members of Order,

Like other Enclaves we’ve got some updates for y’all and these updates will start happening regularly from now on.

What has happened recently?

Getting $TEMPLE listed on as many platforms as we can.

  1. Was on DEXScreener early on thanks to a Templar
  2. Added onto CoinGecko a couple weeks ago
  3. Currently working on whitelisting on 1Inch and integrating with CMC
  4. Have several more to go through but don’t have any updates on yet.

Operations, HR and Guardians Chamber are the three order chambers currently. More may be added and/or removed.

  • Operations Chamber is MC'd by Shaud☀w
  • HR Chamber is MC'd by Octogarfield
  • Guardians Chamber is MC'd by Octogarfield

Gitbook Update. Gitbook is outdated and we worked with some people from Logic to update the Gitbook and you’ll slowly start seeing these changes take place over the next couple of days.

TempleDAO Notion is still being built out with all our processes and information:

  • The organizational structure of Temple is done with Chambers and Team Members so y’all can see the things each chamber is working on publicly as well as Org Charts.
  • Currently finishing off SOPs and the contribution guides that will help Templars understand our workflow and start contributing to it. This will hopefully solve the problem of people wanting to contribute but not knowing where to start.

Temple Codex moved to codex-chamber in Enclave of Chaos. Join the Codex discord channel and start pitching in!