Chaos Puzzle

Pixel Temple beckons, Templar.
The first stage is filled with traps but it’s relatively easy to pass if you know the mechanics. Touch the traps and you die. Move the blocks over the traps to unlock the door that unlocks the next stage.
Push the lowest block over the floor rune in order to deactivate the traps. Collect the coin in the center of the room in order for the door to unlock granting passage to the next stage.
What? There’s fire now? Yeah, don’t touch that fire unless you wanna respawn at the start of the level and lose all progress.
Once you collect the coin, the door immediately opens up. Don’t rush straight on though yet, Templar. We still have some ways to go before your path is clear. Head to the top left corner block and push it down one square from its original position.
Push the ice block all the way to the left as depicted. Position your avatar on the bottom of the ice block.
Push the ice block up so it’s adjacent to the row of flamey fires. Position your avatar on the left of the ice block as depicted.
Pushing the ice block all the way to the right will cause it to slide across all the flamey fires leaving you free to proceed through the door.
New level, new ways to die.
Slide the ice block to the right like so under the fire.
You can extinguish the fire by pushing the ice block from below so it slides upwards.
Push this block up to this position.
This frees up room for you to slide the ice block to the left as depicted.
Push the block down a square as above.
You can now slide the ice block down.
Slide the ice block to the left and I’m sure you know what’s going to happen next.
Final push of the ice block upwards over the floor rune should deactivate the traps and unlock the door.
Enter the portal to claim your unique code for completion of the ritual.
You came all this way for the code. Don’t forget to key it in here.


If you are not yet satisfied with your choice, you may feel free to pick the second option : “Choose another Enclave”. This will take you back to act-3-choose-enclave-1 regardless of whichever puzzle you were currently on.

All the Enclave puzzles branch off individually so these experiences differ based on the Enclave you have chosen. If you are happy with the choice made, you will be able to now see your individual Enclave Channels and Threads in Discord if you pick the first option.

The third option resets your entire progress from the start of the ritual experience.

Now, that you’re done with the Onboarding Ritual process, your time in TempleDAO has just begun. Don’t forget to greet the Templars you see in the corridors. Everyone is working hard on something. Long live TempleDAO.