AMA #1 Lost Boy & Decenmaxi

On December 29, 2021, Lost Boy and ☀ decenmaxi ☀ conducted an AMA in #general. This is a summary of that conversation created by smitchenn.

  • There was confirmation that no team member has sold tokens, but some early advisors did sell.
  • Lost Boy emphasized that the team is looking long-term.
  • Investing the treasury right after OC wasn't a major priority. Earning 20% a year while paying out 3600% isn't sustainable as "we need much larger initiatives and goals for that." - Lost Boy
  • We are going to invest some of the treasury, and ethpanda is on it.
  • Lost Boy acknowledged that the AMM launch had major issues and that they are looking to fix those mistakes.
  • The TempleDAO team is bigger than ever with ambitions to match it.
  • We received confirmation that a "lite" version of the AMM is launching that will be easier to navigate.
  • It is starting to look like Temple will participate in the Curve Wars.
  • N0V3R0N had asked, "Is there a scenario where we redistribute RFV between holders and call it a day?" to which ☀ decenmaxi ☀ responded with, "Sure, if the enclaves are dead, ideas have run dry, and we have no opportunities to build on... ie, I don't think so."
  • Regarding a TokeMak reactor, the team will evaluate it when it is announced and see how we can integrate into our developing ecosystem.
  • Faith: "The essence of faith is that it's a measure of positive protocol behavior and can be used to unlock benefits in the Temple. in time we will have other uses for faith, like accessing Templeverse quest lines, NFTs for avatar, etc but we are focusing on the core Defi economics again first before moving back to these projects fyi."
  • ☀ decenmaxi ☀ will start announcing small AMAs in the announcements channel and will do them semi-regularly.