AMA #6

Lost Boy joined the #general chat on Mar 7, 2022 for a quick AMA to answer some of the community's questions. Here is a recap of the discussion. If you would like to read the full session you can do so starting here.

Can you summarise in a sentence or so what has been built so far and what the purpose of temple is?

Lost Boy - Earn better yields. Safe stablecoin farming with industry leading yields. Vision has always been the same. Temple is an yield token that rests between stablecoins (that lose value due to inflation) and hyper volatile tokens We had to fast track that vision due to market vibes Currently we are building the new version of Temple, which is scheduled to be released around the time that the runway ends, in about 3 weeks.

Will IV ever go lower?

Lost Boy - No, IV is programmed in to be at a minimum $0.65, and Temple Defend stay active. IV was always the core concept for TEMPLE.

Didnt you have a different timeline originally for the launch of these and similar Temple projects?

Lost Boy - We had a plan, it got complicated tho due to what happened in the market, so there were quite a few adjustments that evolved from that. Which has involved a lot of discussion a lot of people, so we've had to reiterate and change. We've got a lot of cool stuff in the pipeline, a new version of temple with vaults coming soon. That's next thing we're gonna ship. This will be the 3rd epoch, the new temple model, revenue sharing with additional perks. Which is basically the direction the whole market is going in different ways. 1st epoch was FR/OC (long epoch), 2nd epoch was AMM.

In terms of shipping roadmap. Likely to be vaults / then L2 / then lend?

Lost Boy - Yes, so it will be 1) Vaults, 2) Lending against IV, 3) Moving to L2s